[beagleboard] Re: 5v Power

First voltage I would check is the voltage from that Power LED to ground.
Of course, one side of the LED will have higher voltage to ground than the
other. The higher voltage side should be 4.2 volts.


You could look at the schematics for your board (http://beagleboard.org/hardware/design) - there are a number of test pads you could use - most of which show the expected voltage…

If the power LED is coming on then all of the other power devices (i.e. the 2141 and 73701) would appear to be okay… The other three LEDs on the board are all off by default and need to be turned on by software.

If you aren’t getting any serial output when powering the board with USER pressed then the cpu isn’t running its boot-rom… or there is a problem with the serial cabling / configuration…

Good luck…!!