[beagleboard] Re: 5v Power

Hi ,

       I have tried the recovery options also.But the same problem.
Here I am observing that as soon I connect the 5V Power or USB cable , TWL4030 chip is getting over hot. I checked the My power adaptor OUTPUT , it is showing 5.5 V. IS it wrong ? 3 to 4 months i used the same adaptor it was working fine . Now only giving problem.


  it looks as though you have been supplying too much voltage all this
time and the board may have given up.
The SRM page 27 on beagleboard.org clearly states the maximum allowed
is 5.2vDC. 5.0vDC recommended.
I do hope your board is ok.

Don Lewis

hi jayaram,

check wether power led is blinking when you connect 5v supply.if its blinking check whether the ic probably (tps2141) beside usb otg has any surface damages.

I sounds to me like you may have damaged the board somehow. I suggest you send it in on an RMA for repair.