[beagleboard] Re: BeagleBone Black randomly cuts power

As a BBB user i cannot stress the need to just break down and get at least a 1 amp walwart to power your BBB

Reading the list for the time here it seems that YES it works via usb but it works BETTER with a separate power supply

I would like to add that I recently setup a cross compiler platform and as a test( for multiple purposes ) I ran . . .

while(1) {index+=1;} to load the processor ( top reported 85% load ), the processor scaled from 300Mhz to 1Ghz, and ran several minutes off of USB power.

Granted the port I am powering the bbb from is USB 3.0, but . . . I’ve been reading, or thought I had read that while powered via USB the bbb would by default only scale up to 600Mhz. Perhaps I misread ?

Also for what its worth I run Debian on the black.

That is what it is supposed to do. But that depends on the software writers as to whether that happens or not. It also depends on the current consumption of the board.

The BeagleBone Black however, that runs at a full 1GHz on USB as indicated in the System Reference Manual. Now, if you load up the USB port with a bunch of stuff that won’t happen. And if you are flashing with a power happy uSD, then that will be an issues.