[beagleboard] Re: Beaglebone ethernet don't work

Hi Gerald,

I have the A2 board, is there an equivalent of this R219 resistor?



No. R219 is only on A4

As to A2, it does not work reliably at all on Ethernet. You need to get a production unit A3 or A4. A2 is not a production unit and we never produced it.


No working ethernet either (it never worked), see attachment of the output during startup.

Tested with (different) working ethernet cables (that is to say that other devices like laptops or Nanode's establish working ethernet connections).

Beaglebone Rev. A4

Shall I request a RMA?

RMA is up to you, but most people have no issue taking care of the issue themselves. Just watch video on how to do it.



Ah, I overlooked the R219 'solution'. It seems to work fine now. Thnx