[beagleboard] Re: Beaglebone is heating up very fast

100% accuracy is not required. It is possible that it was hit with ESD and some of the pins on the expansion header or shorted inside the processor which will cause it to heat up.

If you like, you can just request an RMA and have it looked at.



I did the temperature measurements. Prior to connecting the board with the PC the temperature was 30 degrees Celsius (room temperature :slight_smile: ). After 10 minutes the temperature goes to 44-45 degrees Celsius and stays this way. Only the OS runs (the latest version of Angstrom) without any external devices being connected. I am not certain that this is the normal operating temperature.

14 юни 2012, четвъртък, 23:20:00 UTC+3, Gerald написа:

That is indeed normal. Just don’t hold your finger on it for a long time! This is a high end embedded processor and has a lot of stuff inside, so it will run a lot hotter than a micro controller would.


44-45 degrees for a CPU running at 720MHz?? What are all these
messages about? It's even pretty good temperature for a such fast
running chip!