I think something was missed here
The US created most great inventions

You can ousource to keep cost down But

dont kid yourself

most of these so called the engineer’s that want American jobs

Only copy our designs and need to be spoon fed

outsourcing destroys our industies and encourages mediocracy

Soon TI’s chips will be replaced by better ones like Nividia because they tried to get off on the cheap

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> Simply examine the capabilities of the BeagleBoard, Learn it and
> understand it.
> Google the type peripherals you are interested in using, they most
> likely
> come in many variations.
> Think how these devices might interface to the BeagleBoard and how
> you would write your software to utilise them.
> Be creative :slight_smile: And there are alternatives to most any situation.
> djlewis
> On Jun 17, 11:45 pm, Sai Deepak saiatdra...@gmail.com wrote:
> > Hi…
> > I am trying to interface ultra sonic sensors to the car
> > assistance system for finding the distance of an object from the
> > car…or there is any other alternative???
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There is a element of truth there, and indeed the education system in countries producing these engineers who don’t seem to be welcome, need an over haul. Governments and often the civil society is working on it, but it’s a slow painful process.

However, would like to highlight the fact that most of the brilliant scientific inventions have happened on the other side of the pond. It is just that, USA has been intelligent enough to attract most of the talent, but today is seen as an innovator thanks to a bizarre Patent and IP protection system.

There is nothing like a little history refresher that helps one introspect ones origins and history…
… just an example of what America is about, i.e. immigrants, openness and inclusion. Also it’s economic success is usually attributed to ‘Free Trade’ and ‘Market Economics’, which is what I am afraid, is being decried here (in a way).

And also might like to read up a bit on Comparative Advantage Theory, and Absolute Advantage theory to understand both sides of the coin, and remember who, in what position proposed which one.

Oh, and BTW, the American President has had to say quite a bit, quite frequently of late, about the education system, and it’s adoption in the USA. I am sure folks here read newspapers, as I am not sure the “neighborhood reporting obsessed media” cares to air something of national or international interest.

What is happening to this forum ?? I think this thread is going off-topic.

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