[beagleboard] Re: DEV KIT 8000 in India.


I have already registered in elinux page and the I am getting the below message while trying to edit the page.

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I can see your name registered, so not a problem. I have forwarded
this list to innovate solutions, they should be getting in touch with
us soon.


dude, i added your name to the list . I hope you got my email
regarding that.


Can an Indian clone of beagle made at the same price ? . There are PCB
facilities in and around Bangalore for sure. In one comp where i
worked we had done
multilayer pcb for DM270 and 320 in Mysore and bangalore. And things
came out pretty well - means good quality working PCB. It is possible
to do BGA assembly in India.

We had even done a BGA rework for OMAP2 which also went good.

Any thoughts?


We are in the proess of looking at setting up BeagleBoard production in India. We are still a few months away from seeing if we can make that happen. If we do, it wil be the actual BeagleBoard that is made and sold there.



thats gr8, cool news…

Thanks and Regards,


They (Innovate) have sent me an "Invoice" by email today . A little
surprising since i expected to get some update on the list first. And
i am not sure how could they have possibly gone to invoicing without
knowing any address details etc.

The price is 21000 + 840 (VAT) + 300 = 22140 INR for 2 T6010074