[beagleboard] Re: DEVKIT Touch Screen under QT

fabio ferrario wrote:

I have to correct my previous post,

the problem does not rely on QT anyhow, since ts_test shows the same
behaviour, ts_print_raw confirms that the resolution is really poor.
The resolution of the touch screen in 2.6.35 is really poor, while it is
fine with the shipped 2.6.28 kernel.
QT works fine, as usual.
I recompiled and recompiled 2.6.35 using the standard devkit8000_defconfig
and also applying small changes with no results.

Take a look at the suggestion in:

It fixed the problem for my board.


Dear Luca,

thanks for your support. I reverted commit


and the board works now very well , with kernel 2.6.35 and U-Boot 2010.06-00236.


Dear Luca,

I still have some issues with the kernel 2.6.35
WARNING: Couldn’t open directory /lib/modules/2.6.35-rc3-g5597442-dirty: No such file or directory

Can you help me?