[beagleboard] Re: How to get my bbb to work with my vga monitor?

Got hot. Good, that means it is working. The power supplied to the HDMI was for EEPROM only, not to power an HDMI to VGA adapter. Removing RT1 in you application is the correct solution.

Pushing power back into the board will damage the board. I suppose we could put something there to stop it, but the issue there is the voltage drop that would occur on all boards when used normally and we will have HDMI EDID read issues. I don’t consider that worth the risk.


Not currently. But we are trying to figure a way to get that done.


Thank you! If only the 3.8 kernel would cooperate we would be in good shape! It is going to take a while to get everyone up on that.

Right now HDMI is our focus. There are lots of variables including displays going to sleep. So we are trying to come up wih as many scenarios as we can.

What would really help is if people that got theirs working by having to do more than just plugging it in could share their experience it would really help!


Hi Gerald:

Looks like we can have two kinds of wish-lists (prioritized by your team) on this forum:

  1. A wish-list where your team could let us know things you’d like the community to test/work-on/observe/document, etc.
  2. A wish-list where the community could list sw/hw/docs mods/additions etc., that they see beneficial

Feel that could result in a win-win situation for all - making the bbb much more popular/capable as awareness grows :slight_smile: