[beagleboard] Re: Interfacing a 4.3 screen with the Beaglebone

Why not buy the LCD that already exists,plugs right in, and works today?


Looks like you will need to do a level shift to 5V. Go here


Look at the schematic. Change the output side of the buffer to 5V. Map the pins the same. I would stick with 16b data,

As to WinCE, I can’t help you there.


Well, dip packages are very hard to come by these days and the level shift devices with separate rails, I don’t even know if they come in anything other than a BGA package.

It may be able to drive the 3.3V signal direct to the panel. But it may have noise issues. The signals need to be matched lengths and as short as possible. All you can do is try it. I prefer the buffers from a lot of experience in this area. But, you may get lucky…