[beagleboard] Re: is this the official Beaglebone group?

I for one am seeking a serious forum for newbs to
embedded Linux. (Or a mentor!)

I've spent 35 years designing hardware and writing
embedded real-time firmware, but the Beagleboard
is kicking my butt so far.

I don't have any particular design goal in mind
for the BB -- I'm simply using it to learn a bit
about embedded Linux.

A short-term goal is to build and apply my own
cross-compiled kernel to the BB. Then maybe
write a driver to twiddle the LEDs or an IO pin
or something. Or learn how to serve up the
root file system (etc.) via NFS. So much to learn!


On Wed Jan 25 14:05 , Jason Kridner <jkridner@beagleboard.org> sent:

I just found out about the BeagleBone Google Group. I've been trying to get a

forum (not mailing list or Google group) setup for BeagleBone for some time, as
newbies are kinda fond of the forum format. The forum would be a categorized
place for newbies and I'd want to keep the beagleboard@googlegroups.com the
primary developer list.