[beagleboard] Re: LCD + touch screen and the Beagle Board

So where do we sign up to buy when they are ready?

You will be able to go to several different distributors to purchase them.


Is the expansion connector on the Xm accessible along with the lcd?

previous one i found choked that area..

Yes, with a few exceptions. Three pins are used by the LCD board as GPIO. All other signals are available and there is a place to mount one expansion board onto the LCD board next to where the Beagle is connected.


Hmmm. I might need to redesign some layouts..

I need spi and a couple of gpios only.
Currently I use a tincantools trainer-xm, a connecting layout, another
ADC board.

Any chance of reserving an LCD in case they go out of stock like the
XMs usually do?

No reservations. The -xMs never go out of stock because they are never around long enough to show stock. Everything we ship per is snapped up. So, order and wait 1 week. Not a bad lead time per today’s standards.



Pretty sure you guys will do it.
But I'll ask anyways.

Please do a favor and post the distributors/links on the group when
its the right time.

That goes without saying.