[beagleboard] Re: Networking not working on Angstrom images from http://elinux.org/ECE497_Calendar_and_Exercises

You'll get very little help here.

I don't know about that version of Angstrom. If you stick with Angstrom
I advise sticking with the version that came with the board.

If you plan on doing any kernel hacking or really just on general
principle, I recommend going with the Robert Nelson version of Angstrom.

He has ridded it of that horrid OpenEmbedded stuff, has patched a lot of
problems and has scripts that make it trivially easy to compile and
install. Go here.


Here is a good set of instructions for setting up to compile the kernel


And while you're at it, enabling the second SPI port if you need it.

Note that there is a script under KERNEL/ called full_build_kernel.sh.
While this script does build the kernel, it does some git stuff before
doing so, overwriting your work. so I made a second script by editing
out the git stuff and called it not_full_build_kernel.sh.

I don't yet know if this list allows attachments so if you want a copy
of my script, just yell at me in private email.