[beagleboard] RE: New Angstrom Image

Oh, and I’ve noticed that at the uboot prompt the USB host sees an ACM USB device… sadly though I haven’t managed to get any thing useful from it… does U-Boot now support USB console, USB network boot…??? etc…

Okay, I’ve got the minicom logs for the kernel panic here: http://pastebin.com/Rv55dBmQ

My set up is BeagleBoard connected directly via OTG port to a vanilla 64-bit Ubuntu 9.10 laptop. NAND is empty and SD card only has the current Angstrom demo MLO, Uboot and rootfs. The problem is repeatable and crashes every boot.

I suspect Ubuntu might be scanning the USB bus before the MUSB drivers are really ready for action. I might try changing the USB settle time on the Ubuntu host to see if that fixes the problem… I can’t believe nobody else has hit this problem…???

At least the narcissus built kernel works :slight_smile:

I'm getting the same crash here - with a narcissus build from a few
days ago (C3 board). With the narcissus sd-image supplied mlo/uboot
it also appears to hang after all the full stops printed while
uncompressing linux, but it could just be the same crash with less

But I just found a way to make it boot, at least with the older uboot.
I was using the OTG port for power, plugged into my workstation just
because the port is convenient. If I plug it into the monitor's USB
out instead (which isn't connected to anything), it is booting ok now.
I also tried plugging it into the hub i'm using - but then it detects
itself and crashes.

(I chose xfce4, and the install is a bit cactus, the panel has window
decorations and the startup tip keeps showing when i log in, but I
suppose I can work that all out if i really care)


I was wondering if anyone was able to determine the cause of this
particular crash and possibly how to fix it? I'm getting the same
results with both the demo image and narcissus-built images. The logs
during the kernel panic are exactly the same.

By the way, I've tested with a WinXP host and that doesn't help
either, so I don't think it's a host related issue.

If I power my Beagle with a crappy USB A to USB miniB cable with only
the power pins connected, it boots just fine. But I really would
prefer being able to use USB networking :slight_smile: