[beagleboard] Re: New BBB User -- Trouble with wifi and other misc questions

It is listed on the BeagleBoard.org site we tested it an it worked. However, if you understand Wifi, then you know there are a lot of factors that can affect proper operation, the most significant being your environment. And as we tested our device and not your device, we cannot guarantee that your device is the same as our device.Oh, and our Wifi router I am sure is different than your router.

That is what is up with that.


I’ve been using the Edimax -7318Ug (older model) with the Debian installation. I’ve had it configured in ad-hoc mode going point-to-point, “off network” with sftp, rsync and scp. Pretty cool this works. It does appear the transfer rate slows/stalls after continuous transfer of hundreds of small files.

I’m working on logging some of the metrics I’m seeing. Maybe we could build a usability / testing grid of different wireless dongles and performance experience?

Information to include: BBB Rev - WiFi Dongle model/brand - O/S distribution/version - Test Description and Configuration - KB/s

Are there any agreed upon performance test suites we can run?

If you poke around the forum even in the last couple of days, there’s a lot of people having Wifi issues, particularly with realtek based dongles. I also have the EdiMax EW-7811Un and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

There was a post earlier today that says the newest connman and wpa_supplicant versions resolve the issues, hopefully this is the case, but I haven’t had a chance to try it. If true, hopefully the BBB/Angstrom maintainer(s) [koen] will update to include these new versions.