[beagleboard] Re: Open GL ES 1.1 vs. 2.0

For now I am trying out Ogre3D. It has 1.1 support but it needs some
fixing. After Koen got it working the maintainer for the 1.1 render system
split the code so that he could do some work on Win32 and Symbian.

I might also try to get Irrlicht running. Irrlicht has no GL ES support as
far as I know.


An Irrlicht Google alert dragged me here, and acting as an official
Irrlicht propagandist I'd just to say that Irrlicht has GL ES 1.1
support but it currently isn't released, you can get it from our SVN
repository under /branches/ogl-es.
The branch currently only includes an iPhone device, but there is a
separate SourceForge project which provides a Symbian device.
Hopefully we'll have the lot merged together over the next couple of