[beagleboard] Re: Using BB as an Imagetank ?

BeagleBone Black has no CF interface. So, you would need to add an FPGA to create one. Why a large SD card will not work, I can’t say. I assume you have your reasons. You could use a USB disk drive as well. USB will be the fastest standard interface.

Yes, you can use a battery. Won’t last a long time, but I assume that is not an issue. LCD panels love power!

Yes, you can use a 4" screen or you can even use a 7" LCD screen. Not sure of your exact specification you are trying to implement.

You can use an HDMI display as well.


Field Programmable Gate Array. A big blob of transistors used to create custom hardware circuitry.

There are small portable displays, used all over the world in cars, that support HDMI and can run from 12V. Car is about as portable as it gets.

Battery pack runs out when all the current it can supply is gone. So to answer your question, you need to no the capacity of your battery and the current it needs to supply.