Beagleboard Recovery issue

Hi, I have bricked my beagle board. I have revision B7 BB.I have
followed this link:

I have used following command:

OMAP3 # nand unlock
device 0 whole chip
nand_unlock: start: 00000000, length: 268435456!
NAND flash successfully unlocked
OMAP3 # nand erase 0 80000

NAND erase: device 0 offset 0x0, size 0x80000
Erasing at 0x60000 -- 100% complete.

After this procedure,when I re-powered BB then Ididn't get prompt
(OMAP3 #).

I am getting only 40V when I start minicom and power on.

Now,To recover I have download all files from
I have copy all files on to MMC in the exact order listed as per
revision B7 BB hardware manual(BBSRM_7_2_0.pdf).
Following order list:
1.MLO as MLO
2. x-load.bin.ift for NAND as x-load.bin.ift
3.u-boot to flash onto NAND as flash-uboot.bin
4. u-boot.bin for MMC boot as u-boot.bin
5. ramdisk Image as rd-ext2.bin
6. Kernel (uImage) as uImage

I tried also pressing user button on powerup.

Till I don't get any result.

What should I do to recover BB?