BeagleBoard remote g++ compiling


Could someone help me with one simple answer. What is the command for compiling C++ program on Linux (on my desktop computer) for later use on BeagleBoard (Angstrom Linux distribution)? Lets say that the name of the program is ‘baklava.cpp’. So, would it be: g++ arm-none-linux-gnueabi -o baklava baklava.cpp? I have my PATH set up for /bin directory in sourcery cross-compiler installation file.

Later when I want to run program on my BB, would the command be ./baklava.cpp?


It depends on which toolchain you have installed. I would recommend using Eclipse and following Jan Axelson’s tutorial at

Hi Philip, thanks for the replay.

I have this toolchain installed on my computer:

I am supposed to work with that one :slight_smile:

And this is the correct command: arm-none-linux-gnueabi-g++ baklava baklava.cpp

Now, the problem is with I2C2 not working on BB :slight_smile: