Beagleboard rev B4 USB hack


Just thought I'd share a quick hack I did on my rev B BeagleBoard. I
wanted to use the USB OTG port in host mode (and I never use it in
device mode!), but didn't have a cable I was willing to splice up into
bits or an OTG A-to-miniAB adapter. I found a matching type A socket
though, and used the existing unpopulated footprint to mount it.

So I just bridged pins 4 and 5 on the USB OTG port to indicate host-
ness, and wired 3 & 2 via some nastily twisted airwires to the pads in
front of P7, with one more wire bringing +5V from the barrel connector
5V DC in.

Very cheap (if you have the USB socket) and much neater than making a
custom cable; I just plug my hub straight in & works nicely.