Beagleboard Rev C4 Allegro ASCII (.alg) file

I am starting on an embedded project with the beagleboard as a
starting point.
I do not have Allego, I do have Altium Designer.

I can import Allegro ASCII files into Altium, but since I do not also
own Allegro the .brd files are not helpful.

I tried to download the file from the files section of the
The file download terminates each time at about 25.6 KB (the file
section says it is 749KB?? ) I assume it is somehow corrupted as I
have been able to download several of the other files from the Groups'
File Section.

Can somebody in the group who can export the Allegro (.brd) design to
a ASCII file (.alg file) please do so?

This was a Topic last Feb and if a good copy of the .alg file is
available somewhere it would be a great help or at least a confidence
builder from which point my design may depart.

The schematic files are already imported into Altium. That process
went smoothly at first blush anyway.

I do not know how many others have done their own board spin for one
reason or another. Maybe the exported ASCII design files could be
posted where I found the other reference materials. It might give more
people a kick-start.


I will see what I can do, but it will be a few weeks before I can get to it. It will of course be provided as is with no warranty or support.


It would be Greatly appreciated, With NO Warranties Expected nor
Thanks In Advance

I just pinged my layout guy. We shall see what he comes back with, hopefully not an invoice!!!