Beagleboard RevC4, Are there a working uImage, u-boot.bin and files to run Android (any distribution) somewhere in the web?

      I have been looking for a working Android demo for the revision
C4 of the Beagle board. Until now the unique good tutorial is that for
ubuntu including step by step the procedures, with remarks about the
different revisions (only the last version of ubuntu was not possible
to be tested; ubuntu 9.10 works- only the wireless has something
estrange: find other networks but not the mine- Belkin N F5D8053-).

I think that with all the revisions on the BB could be useful to
include the revision over the new resulting files (u-boot.bin, x-
loader, uImage, boot.scr, etc). At least a note about the revision of
the BB where the files may work.

I am looking a working version of Android for BB RevC4, procedure
(step by step), the dummy procedure isn't update for this last BB
revision nor the files.


Take a look at

Steve K.