Beagleboard RevC4 Touchscreen (easy to install)

Hello, I have watched most of the conversations here and other forums
but I still could not understand which touchscreen to go for. I am not
very much experienced, and don't want to experiment much, I just want
something that is good and tested to work. If possible I want it to be
cheap as well. My ubuntu on beagleboard is 10.4 with

From what I found the most known easy choices are :
* The LVDS adapterv2 + 10" kit from chalk-elec
* The ULCD lite 7" from digikey

both at around 130 euros. Is there anything better out there? probably
under 100 euros too?

LCD panels are not that cheap these days. Under 100 euros would mean you need to go down in size, and even then with a touchscreen included those two panels may be hard to beat. You need to decide the size range that you need and work from there. If you were to spin your own, it would cost you a lot more than the 139 euros.


Hello again, thanks for the answer I have bought the first option
(LVDS adapterv2 + 10" kit from chalk-elec) but when I connect it I
dont get any input or output on the touchscreen. I connect it to usb
and get it to power (the backlight lights on so it should power fine).
What am I doing wrong? Should I add some line to my XOrg for it to

I am using ubuntu 10.04.3 and kernel 2.6.35 armv7

Thanks in advance