[beagleboard] [RFC] BeagleBoard: Test for user button to load ramdisk

If USER button is pressed, ramdisk.gz should be loaded and boot.scr
should be ignored.

Signed-off-by: Jason Kridner <jkridner@beagleboard.org>

Question -
What other functions does the user button do on the xM?

Depending on what the functions the xM uses the user button for, the added
functionality create some tricky timing.

For a stock A-C Beagle board, the user button would cause the MLO to be picked
up (and presumeablly U-boot) from the SD card. Looking at the button for at
the same button to ignore the boot.scr could lead to some confused users
depending on how quickly they release the button. A console could help with
the timing but running it w/o a console could be trickly.

I agree with ybeagle… The logic in the code shows it would apply to all board versions - just the GPIO used being different for xM. I appreciate the xM doesn’t have any NAND, but then does it really need an alternative boot option…? In the short term that code apply only to xM boards.

P.S. How about getting U-Boot to load “user.scr” instead of “boot.scr” if USER is pressed…??

What about using a different script name then, like reset.scr, when the button is held?

This is exactly what these RFC’s are for. Thanks!

P.S. How about getting U-Boot to load "user.scr" instead of "boot.scr" if
USER is pressed...??

That works for me. I missed this e-mail before sending my last one.