[beagleboard] rootstock Ubuntu 10.04 (lucid) rootfs fail

Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid) i386 with default GNOME Desktop Environment

rootstock version:
both Rev.95/96(Robert) from launchpad.net and Ubuntu repository
( were failed.

image link:

Log of "copy-package-cache":

Log of "restore-package-cache":

But, I have successfully built karmic armel rootfs with similar
commands on another karmic(9.10) desktop PC.

Two things.. First, bashism introduced by me.. change /bin/sh to
/bin/bash in rootstock or wait for the SRU to come out (I'm guessing
some time after UDS is complete)..


2nd.. After changing that, based on your seed, you might also be hitting:



Thanks for your quickly reply!
I will try or keep using your minimal lucid rootfs demo image :slight_smile:

2010/5/11 Robert Nelson <robertcnelson@gmail.com>

“restore-package-cache” still has the same issue.
trying “copy-package-cache”… (it’ll take a long time for slow repo.)

2010/5/11 林俊良 <goldie.lin@gmail.com>

Once you add the /bin/sh to /bin/bash change, and you still have
issues, it's best to add a bug report to rootstock... I personally
don't use either of those options, but instead use apt-cacher-ng..
with "--mirror"


Finally, as you said.

First, I installed the apt-cacher-ng package on my host PC (ubuntu 9.10),
then use the “–mirror http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:3142…” option is work for me,
so I dropped the “–copy-package-cache” and “–restore-package-cache” options.

Second, building the lucid rootfs by rootstock only work when
the seed-list did not contain too many packages.
In other words, I can’t build with GUI desktop environment.
(like xfce, lxde, …)

sudo ./rootstock -f SBC8100 -l ubuntu -p temppwd -n “TimLL SBC8100” -i 6G -t Asia/Taipei -x en_US.UTF-8 -d lucid -c “main universe multiverse restricted” --script fixup.sh --serial ttyS2 -m http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:3142/ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports --kernel-image http://rcn-ee.net/deb/lucid/v2.6.35-rc3-dl3/linux-image-2.6.35-rc3-dl3_1.0lucid_armel.deb -s linux-firmware,wireless-tools,usbutils,wget,vim,nano

2010/5/11 Robert Nelson <robertcnelson@gmail.com>