Beagleboard runs Angstrom REALLY slow?

So I have the Angstrom demo version running on my beagleboard I tried
doing the console version but messed up the card so I will have to get
back to that. It loads up fine and then I can login just fine, upon
logging in its fast you can click on menu's and they pop up really
fast. However if you wait a minute or so everything starts to slow
down until it takes more than 2 seconds to open the left click menu.

Whats even worse is the terminal, its just a black screen with text
but unfortunately the text is very delayed and choppy. I type very
fast and on my desktops and it prints as I type but on the beagleboard
again there is a massive delay like I type and then I can watch it
type what I just typed on the screen.

The graphics drivers are not installed but that shouldn't be an issue
because I watched a video where someone played 640x480 video with
sound on the beagleboard without the drivers installed. He said that
the drivers would enable 720p video but 640x480 works fine without

I have a revision C4 board if that makes any difference.

Could someone please tell me what might be wrong with angstrom?