Beagleboard seems DOA

Two days ago my BeagleBoard arrived - hurray!

I connected a serial connector to the header; which I modified to
match AT-Everex pinout (ie. straight-through). Attached a serial null-
modem cable and fired up minicom; then I powered the board.
And absolutely nothing happens...

I tried to power my board via USB and through the DC jack.
I double checked the pinout for the Everex IDC->DB9 connector.

I used headphones to try to hear any sound -> absolute silence is all
I got.

I attached it to my TV using SVideo connector (the tv/connector/cable
works since normally it's attached to my MythTV box) -> nothing just
stays black (TV supports both PAL and NTSC).

What's also good to mention is that the USR0/USR1 leds don't do
anything - i understand there should be some activity there.

Any thoughts on this?

If you are unable to get your board to at least to boot to the point where the LEDs come on and you have not done anything to the board prior to powering it up, then you should send in an RMA request for


At the very least, you should get a green power LED. If not, power
supply is bad or BeagleBoard is probably dead. When the BeagleBoard
is booting, other LEDs come on as well.

The excellent Hardware Reference manual (link at has
a trouble-shooting section to tell you what voltages should be present
on the board, along with full schematics.

If the LEDs and voltages are OK, check with an oscilloscope, RS-232
LED monitor, or RS-232 breakout box whether there is any activity on
the TX signal. The BeagleBoard only implements RS-232 RX and TX (and
ground, of course), so make sure your terminal emulator does not
require any handshaking signals.

Hope this helps.

Did you try to Record and Hear Audio on Beagle Board........