[beagleboard] Setting up the cross compiling environment in Ubuntu


08/13/2011 06:29 PM keltez�ssel, David Brault �rta:

I got Angstrom booting on my BB-xM with DVI output, but I have run
into a problem in attempting to change the output to s-video (for
"Myvu Crystal personal media viewer" video glasses, which accept RCA
composite video).

I have a beagleboard xm rev C too and I want to use it with an S-video
lcd display.
I use buildroot, I can make a system to works well on s-video, but eth
cannot works.
Unfortunately the original and Ubuntu kernel images isn't contains
/proc/config.gz, so I cannot get a good .config.

When I try to stand up eth0 with
ifconfig eth0 up it says: no such device
usb0 can start, but it cannot connect, because its want to use OTG port.

What is the magic with the ethernet on BB? What driver needs to load?
Where can I download a_working_ kernel config?

I found a lot of config files, but none of them can works on eth:(

-- thx Zoltan (Zamek) Zidarics programmer email:zamek42@gmail.com skype:zamek_z