Beagleboard - shopping list suggestions


I have been working with a Beaglebone about 3 months and now decided to buy a Beagleboard xm. But I do not have an idea which extra items I need. I know that it changes according to what I am planning to do with Beagleboard. But I wanted to take your opinion and utilize your experience:

For the start:

  • I know I need a power adaptor 5V-2A.

  • I need a webcam. Which one do you prefer to me? (Not too expensive, working flawless)

  • I need a usb wifi. This was a real headache for me when I was using Beaglebone. I spent too much time to make my existing usb wifi work. Which usb wifi do you recommend to me that will work flawless?

What else do you think I should buy? I need your recommendations.


note: I looked at the site: but there is not much information about for example like other usb wifi models. So I need your experience. I do not want to buy any usb wifi and see that it is not working flawless.

Especially I need a camera suggestion extremely urgent. (I found out that webcam will not be OK for me.) I am planning to work on an autonomous robot project. It seems like leopard imaging camera LI-LBCM3M1 is not available anymore. What are the substitutes for that?

1W alfa wifi works great for me running Ubuntu and The Deck