beagleboard sound recording

I am trying to record sound on beagleboard using simple arecord and then play it using aplay .My aplay for wave files seem to work OK but arecord records with a lot of noise. I was using ubuntu on one board and have ordered a new board since and with the default arngstrom distribution I see the same problem. (previous board was rev c5, the new one is rev D). I was able to record once without noise but the volume in that case becomes very low. I have tried different cables and different sound sources (iphone and laptop) but am unable to solve the problem. BTW these cables work fine on PC and even on raspberry pi (with an external mono sound card). The reason I wanted to use beagleboard was because of the built-in sound card with stereo input.? It seems at least some people have used it successfully for sound mixing/other sound programs. Am I doing something fundamentally wrong. ?

which chip are you using tlv320aic3106, if so, can you check alsamixer? try to turn off some channels. This problem could be by default some of the audio channel are turn on (3106 has 5 inputs and 3 outs) or bypassing