[beagleboard] SoundScape SW development

Hi everyone,

I'm working on a new cape that will add Bluetooth/Audio capabilities to
the BeagleBone. The cape will have a Bluetooth module and an audio codec
(not tlv320aic3x) to provide high quality wireless and analog audio to the
bone boards.

I see you've launched it on Kickstarter now, great!

The hard part is that there is no support for the codec I've picked in the
existing kernels. I'll use existing ASoC drivers and device tree bindings
as starting point.

Is this how you started? Starting from a known good location is always
good, but I hope you looked upstream. What codec did you choose?

I assume sound/soc/codecs/ is the place where I have to add the codec
specific driver. Right?

Depending on who makes your codec, you might find a related
maintainer/directory by using the MAINTAINERS file:


I just started digging into the kernel and I'm still struggling with the
structure of a .dts file.

What is the meaning of "compatible = "ti,da830-evm-audio";" from the
sound{}; structure in cape-bone-dvi*.dts? What is the connection with the
tlv320aic3x codec?
Is that all I need to modify into the kernel - .c and .h file for the
codec and .dts file for the cape..?

Seems like you mostly figured this out. What did you do?