[beagleboard] Suitable 1920x1080 monitors Recommendations please!

1920x1080 is marginal depending on what you are doing. As to the monitor, there are hundred of them out there, some as low as $100 and some as big as 60"

Just pick one that has an HDMI or DVI-D interface on i, is the size you want, and get the required cable. Samsung works well for me,


Sorry if I’m being stupid and missing the obvious but every monitor I can find the specs for has a minimum vertical refreshrate of over 50Hz!

I’ve tried 12 monitors None of the them would work at 1920x1200 24Hz :frowning:

AOC E2250Swh
AOC E2450Swh
AOC E2262Vw
AOC E2350Sh
AOC E2795Vh
Asus VW248TLB
Benq G2222HDL
Dell U2412M
HP LA2405X
Samsung S22B300N
Acer V243Hbd

I could get a picture on all of them if I dropped resolution and upped the refreshrate to over 50Hz

A Hannspree TV worked at 1920x1080 24Hz but the picture was fuzzy with every setting we tried.

n.b. The dell U3011 has in its manual: Vertical scan range 56 - 86 Hz But I know someone who has had it running at 1920x1080 24Hz!

If you are able to name one or two models that do work that would be great!


As I said, the -xM is not very 1920x1080 of 1920x1200 friendly. I cannot name any models that I have seen that work. Othersmay have had a different experience.


I think most Full HDTVs can do 24Hz.

I never tried, but I think its a good test anyway.

Marco Casaroli