[beagleboard] sysboot setting resistors

Because TI recommended the 42.2K was needed in all conditions. So I changed it. I didn’t like it because those pins are used for other things as well, adss some extra load, and I didn’t see any issue when I had 100K before… So on the Black I went back to 100k.


Great …

now another question is there Gerald…

why now DDR3L has been used in BBB instead of DDR2 (as in Beagle Bone)?
Since Beagle Bone can be battery operated why can’t we use LPDDR…this will reduce the power consumption still more right?

Actually we are developing a application board based on Beagle bone and will be battery operated too.we are planning to reduce the power consumption in all the ways …so what will be the best Option ,DDR2 or DDR3L ???

If Beable Bone has LPDDR ,will ths help in reducing the power consumption ???


It is faster, cheaper, and easier to get. LPDDR is very expensive and very very hard to get.

DDR3L is lower power. DDR is not the only thing to consider in low power applications.

As long as you product is very expensive and you do not want to make that many go with LPDDR.

Otherwise use DDR3L.


Thanks Gerald,it seems DDR3L is the best option for us too, since we are focusing on low cost design…

In BBB, for DDR3L you haven’t used any termination but still operating it in DDR3(1.5V)mode,Is that ODT is enough ??

As per Data manual of AM335x it is recommended to have treminations for DDR3/DDR3L,right ?

How this termination is taken care in BBB?