[beagleboard] TFT LCD / How/Where to search

Hello, i want to build a tablet PC, to run my embedded OS builds, this
should be for data acquisition from hardware and have a generic design
that could fit most of my projects. My main problem now is the screen
interface, after finding a good board for the computer.

So how should i search for a screen for my tablet? This will be built
in an acrylic case... I have 3 types of screen output, VGA, S-Video
and DVI-D and i want at least a 15" screen.

Should i buy a commercial screen and connect it, or should i search
for some industrial part? I recently discovered that refurbished LCD
screens from laptop are not a reliable option, due to the overall
price increase.

Best Regards

why not buy a 15" monitor? which has VGA interface.
if you can not buy a 15" monitor, you can buy a 15" TFT with a AD board.

I’m working in www.hello-lighting.com, as a LCD/TFT engineer, if any question, pls write to me.
best regards!

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