[beagleboard] tin can tools jtag debugger gets pricey in canada

Yes Robert, this is a complete rip-off from carrier companies (Fedex, UPS,
We are very lucky to have the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
between US and Canada.
It's funny that the carriers charge $30 brokerage fees to tell us their is
no customs charges.

That's why I try to use mostly (if possible) mail shipping from USPS (United
States Postal Service) and Canada Post.
They charge about $8-$9 for brokerage, which is more reasonable.

I'm sorry, but I hate the big Fedex, UPS, and others like them.
I feel they do extortion on us, when they cross the borders.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Or you can upgrade the service to UPS or FedEx expedited service.
Those won't charge you a brokerage fee.