[beagleboard] Trying to update X-Loader and U-Boot on Classic BeagleBoard

Hi Michael,

There seems to be a completely different X-Loader at
http://downloads.angstrom-distribution.org/demo/beagleboard, This seems to
identify itself as "U-Boot SBL", and tries to load a u-boot.img file, rather
than a u-boot.bin file. If I combine this with the u-boot.img file on the
same page, I can get a new u-boot running temporarily (using the User
button), but I've completely failed to get the alternative X-Loader to load
from flash - it just spits out a lot of "Error: Bad compare! failed"
messages and then freezes. I've tried various permutations of programming,
as the instructions on that page are slightly different from what's in the
"reset.scr" file available from the code.google.com page.

Are either of these known issues, and which "flavour" of X-Loader is the
recommended one?

I've got classic C4 and see the same behaviour with new X-Loader. It
works fine, when loaded from SD card, but loading from flash gives me
"Error: Bad compare! failed". This is X-Loader from Angstrom 2012/05.
I didn't have problems with version from 2011/03. Currently, I've just
erased flash, and it loads from SD card, but I would like get system
working from flash.

Is there some new instructions on burning new X-Loader/U-Boot into flash ?


Hi Tom,

How are you flashing the MLO and u-boot.img (NOT u-boot.bin) file to NAND
from the current builds? The only change in the instructions is to use
u-boot.img rather than u-boot.bin when writing to flash.

I'm using instructions from
Well, I did change the name of the u-boot. And there is no errors
during the flash process.
It's after restart, right at the moment when MLO should be starting,
I've got the error: "Error: Bad compare! failed". Flashing old MLO and
old u-boot works fine.

I remember there actually was 2 version of x-loader, with 2 or 3 byte
difference depending on where it's going to be used from card or from
flash, but I don't see this with new x-loader. Could be something like
this generating problem ?


Ah yes, that would be it. We no longer have the mismatch between components here like we used to.