beagleboard ubuntu-11.10 auto reboot issue.

Hello ,

I am running ubuntu-11.10 on beagleboard-xm . The power supply given to board is thru re-chargeable DC batteries which are charged using an ac/dc adapter and other required circuitry . After running the board continuously for 6-7 hours ,it reboots and keeps on auto-rebooting. I am attaching the boot-up log with this e-mail. I have included two counts of boot up messages back to back in the log file. Please let me know if any other information is required. Any relevant help would be greatly appreciated.

beagleboard_ubuntu-11.10_bootup_log (35.7 KB)

Hi Avinash,

That's very strange, any chance can you capture the voltage of the
batteries when it starts to auto-reboot? From the serial message it
looks like it started to enable a new usb device, and then rebooted
shortly afterwards, thus can be low voltage at that point.. In the
lab, with my xM, i usually see a spike of 750-800mA's around that
point (initializing usb devices), before it settles back down..