[beagleboard] Ubuntu 12.04 on Beagle cx

I'm assuming when you ran the "./setup_sdcard.sh" script, you added:


To setup the boot args for s-video usage? If you did, we will have to
wait till you get your serial cable.. (as it's probably the old
bootloader in nand that's getting in the way...)


OH! No I didn’t use --svideo-ntsc. I think that was the magic piece I left out!

Im gonna give that a shot. Thank you!!!

I am a bit confused on how this works. I am using:
sudo ./setup_sdcard.sh --mmc /dev/sdb --uboot --svideo-ntsc beagle_cx

Is this the correct way to add svideo?

add it to the end.. aka...

sudo ./setup_sdcard.sh --mmc /dev/sdb --uboot beagle_cx --svideo-ntsc