[beagleboard] Ubuntu with Kernel 3.8.13 -> ti_tscadc and omap_mux problem

What's really funny about your post... If you actually followed the
exact 'instructions' from that blog and thus used the referenced
"--uboot bone" option it would have used the older v3.2.x based kernel
and things would have worked exactly like they did in October 2012

But it's now June 2013, and we need to move on to something newer(and
better) thus we have gone forward with the "--uboot bone_dtb" using
the v3.8.x based kernel is the preferred option (and the only option
for the beaglebone black).. With this new kernel, "omap_mux" is gone,
and ts_adcstsc was renamed and not needed to be force loaded at boot.

If you really really want omap_mux, try searching this group for "3.8
omap_pinmux" and start reading all the others that have wanted
something similar to what you need and see what they did as