BeagleBoard Unique ID?

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Date: Tues, Jan 20 2009 12:49 am
From: Richard

Thanks Soeren,
that looks good.

I'm going to save time and admit my ignorance; how would I go about
accessing this register in my C code running on the board? I.e. do
you have a little code snippet you could share?

Thanks very much in advance,


Here is a recipe,

Grégoire (2.67 KB)

Thanks Gregoire.

When you say "recipe", is this something for BitBake to use?


Correct: "bitbake uniqueid". When I compare to the u-boot patch sent
by Dirk, and according to Mru's comment in the lounge, I think that
the serial number is longer than I extract it. You need to edit the
script file,



And yes, you're right. DIE ID is 128 bits long (16 bytes).