[beagleboard] USB battery

Hi all,

I am planning to use the battery in the link below:

I just want a confirmation if this is okay to be used with

Ramasamy Gopalan.

I have never used it and I have no way of knowing if it will work. Reading the less than adequate specifications raises a few issues in my mind, but I guess you will need to just try it and see. It may also require replacing the power conector to be compatible with Beagle.


I have used similar products that use USB rather than PSP connections. 5V is right and the max current out is 700mA which is more than enough for the board and a couple of relatively low power accessories like WiFi. If you do a Google for “USB Battery” you should get lots of hits. The type of chemistry the battery uses and the mAh rating are probably the most important factors to consider. Some cheap products don’t allow you to charge the battery and power the Beagle at the same time - which I personally consider pretty important…


Thanks for your comments......

From the information on this battery, it requires a PSP AC adapter to
recharge the battery......But the output of the battery can be
connected to the Beagle using a USB type-B connector to the OTG

I have chosen this battery because of its high capacity of 12000 mAh
which my application demands (need at least 10-12 hours of continuous

Ramasamy Gopalan.

That same web site has a 24kmAh that is USB in/out and only $1 more… :]