[beagleboard] USB Hub Hotswap does not work on BBB

Hot swap does not always work due to a SW issue. In some cases, you can unplug and plug it back in once. But after that it is not recognized. You can search the forum for numerous threads on this topic.


Hot swap does not always work due to a SW issue.

Does anyone have a fix in Kernel for this issue?
Is there any root cause of this issue identified.

I remember seeing a post using a userspace application to close the
dev entry to get hot plug work.
But that also looks like a hack.

If there were a fix for the kernel, odds are it would be in the kernel. This is an issue that we are waiting for TI to fix. Ball is in their court and has been for months now.


There was a patch made available on 15 May 2013 to fix this. Unless you are building your own kernel to incorporate patches as they are made available, these fixes will only be available when your distro of choice updates its kernel. If the userspace work-around addresses the problem that you are seeing, then the kernel patch will fix it from the kernel side of things automatically. Lots of little fixes trickle in here and there for the adventurous that wish to try them in their own kernel builds.