[beagleboard] usb oak-sensor hidraw usb_hiddev use under debian..

I'm NEVIO a Italian Student...
i'm working with a beagleBoard rev.B5 with a Debian distro kernel
i want to create a simulated domotic control thanks a usb sensor read
by a java application
this sensor write in a special file /dev/usb/hiddev(i)
but The kernel must be compiled with the options HIDRAW and USB_HIDDEV
turned on.my distro haven't this activated module..
i create the application on the notebook and is ok...bua the beagle
don't see this sensor as usb_hid
I try to ricompile with a debian distro d5 (http://www.rcn-
ee.net/deb/kernel/beagle/lenny/v2.6.33.2-d5/)...but after was
impossible install a jvm(openjdk-6-jre), access to same location
resources that report the error (read only area) or use the jvm just
i log as root and for this reason i think to haven't problem of access
to the resources....

i want to now also what are the module to use a touchscreen irtouch...

how can i add this module ?is necessary recompile the kernel??

thanks a lot....

i recompile the distro and now works but, i have poblem with the
ethernet connection between the beagle and computer that don't see one
the other..
i see the file of connection setting(/etc/resolv.conf .../etc/network/
interfaces)and is ok...do i miss some things???

please help me thanks a lot