[beagleboard] using adc pins on beaglebone

Do not connect the output of the sensor to the ADC pin are you will blow the processor. Connect a voltage divider between the output and ground, not to exceed 1.8V at the full output level of the sensor.
Use GND_ADC as the ground for the voltage divider.




With lm35 will read temperature between 0°C to 60°C. There is 0 to 0.6V between GND and Vout. So I don’t need a voltage divider between the output and ground.

To reformulate my question : witch ground can I connect to lm35’s GND pin ? Can I connect lm35 between GNDA_ADC and VDD_5V ?

Thanks in advance for any information or help.
beaglebone user

Use GNDA_ADC. It all gets connected on the board anyway as reflected in the board schematics.