BeagleBoard verification


I am Srujan from UHCL I have a new Beagle board I tried to verify it I
connected the USB-OTG cable to power it and a monitor through HDMI-
D cable I saw the LEDs glow but I did not see anything on the monitor
I waited for soo long but nothing came up, the monitor is working
though, can you tell me whats the problem or do you have any reference
that I can check in the manual or any website??

Thank you.

All you will see on the monitor is an orange screen, nothing else. If not, then it could be that the default settings are not compatible with your monitor.

The Beagle only supplies DVI-D. Some monitors are analog inputs, DVI-I and not digital so Beagle will not work. You need to make sure your monitor is set to the digital input and not the analog.

You can go to this location for a verification procedure that you can follow. This also includes access to the latest files.

And you can also read the System Reference Manual for addtional information.

You can also go here: