Dear sumith,
As you know the DVI-D is a digital signal and VGA (D-Sub) is an analog one.
So, if the normal cable convert from DVI-D <-> VGA it will not work with you Screen.
So, I think you should find an Display screen supports DVI-D interface.
Hope it help.

there are indeed dvi-d to VGA adapters but their price is almost the
same as you would buy a new DVI display

hi friends…

thank u so much for your reply…so can i buy a display with hdmi input which can be connected with a hdmi to hdmi cable or specifically need a display with dvi d input?

Sumith, a display with hdmi communication is Ok.

I tried using a HDMI to VGA converter… but it doesnt work for me. Do I have to configure anything.
Thanks in advance