Beagleboard video capabilities questions?

Hi again,

I have a couple of questions regarding video playback. I have been
messing about with using a usb DVB-T tuner. I have had limited
success, so far I have managed to tune and display channels using a
combination of tzap, dvbstream and mplayer. The video is viewable but
it is a bit choppy.

Then I came across the omapfbplay demo and was very impressed. I then
set about exploring the possibility of using omapfbplay with the DVB
tuner but had zero success.

What functionality does omapfbplay have? I have not been able to find
any decent documentation on commands or supported filetypes etc.

Secondly what can be done to increase performance of mplayer when
playing back dvbstream? I have been using -vo x11 as this gets the
best results, though I would like to not use X11 as I would like to
slim down the system eventually.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.