Beagleboard VOLT led blinking + DVI/HDMI cable + beagleboard dead?


What is the best way to connect to a beagleboard-xM?

Probably the HDMI interface to DVI monitor.

I was powering my beagleboard through the 5v Jack Barrel (not through USB OTG)
I powered down my beagleboard (removed Jack from pwoer plug)
Connected the HDMI to DVI cable, to my monitor, then my beagleboard-xM

After power on, no output on the monitor.
I noticed that the VOLT LED is no blinking.
Actually, it seems that my board is ‘reseting’ itself as all the LED are blinking.
(as if powered down and then up)

Any idea to check if my beagleboard-XM is alive.
It is brain new !!!

The Volt LED should not be blinking. I should be on steady. It sounds like your 2A 5V supply is not able to handle it and the board is resetting due to the 5V supply shutting down.


Bingo! The transformer is malfunctioning …