[beagleboard] Web Sever

Can I install Apache with Angstrom and BeagleBoard? And I can also install Java and Tomcat or only with another Linux distribution?

Tanks Armando!

You can install apache, but you might run into issues if you also want
php and mysql with apache.
It is better to use lighttpd



You can install openjdk 6 but it runs v. slowly - if you can install java then you can install tomcat but as I said it is really slow due to not having a good jit.



Frans the lighttpd comes with Angstrom Linux? Can I install Java in Angstrom or Java-ME?

Tanks Armando

2010/5/13 Frans Meulenbroeks <fransmeulenbroeks@gmail.com>

OpenJDK can be installed and its okay for non-intensive tasks… Cacao is much faster and comes recommended.