beagleboard webcams and ubuntu

Hi all
I’ve been struggling with OpenCV and webcams and only after determining that it is not specific to OpenCV, did I think to search the forum.

I see a lot of references to building a new [Angstrom] with DMA disabled, but I have strong reasons to stick with Ubuntu, Is there any workaround or failing that, direct instructions to disabling DMA [in favor of PIO] in the Ubuntu distro for the Beaglebone?


I believe that the kernel .config is agnostic to Ubuntu/Angstrom. Here is the relevant section from my Angstrom .config:

You may also want to try (replace oneiric-armel with what ever your
actually running)


As i pulled in a few more musb fixes.. It might fix the webcam, or it
might now..


As i pulled in a few more musb fixes… It might fix the webcam, or it
might now…

Thanks Robert - trying it now

Thanks Dave - if robert’s fix doesn’t work I’ll go remember how to rebuild a kernel :slight_smile:

Dear all

I’m already try the on Beaglebone + ubuntu oneiric 3.2.16-psp9 + openCV.It works like charm. Anyway, I just run my code on short period.
and really thanks to Mr. Robert Nelson :slight_smile:

I believe that DMA is disabled by default on kernels >~3.6.12. I just checked on Angstrom kernel 3.2.16, so maybe the same holds true for Ubuntu?


Hmmm then my problem is not DMA. thanks

Thanks - looks like I am chasing that elusive red herring.
I’m going to try just reinstalling dependencies and paying careful attention to output from apt-get.


voodoo@bone-a3-256mb:~$ uname -a
Linux bone-a3-256mb 3.2.16-psp9 #1 Fri May 11 19:55:03 UTC 2012 armv7l GNU/Linux
voodoo@bone-a3-256mb:~$ zcat /proc/config.gz | grep MUSB_PIO